Recording Studio, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland


This is the control room, which has a window facing the south.  It is spacious and has french doors facing east, leading onto a patio -- very nice in the summertime for relaxing between takes.  The control room has a 12 foot high ceiling, a hardwood floor in the console area and carpeting around the perimeter.  It also has central heating, different shades of lighting and a five-speed ceiling fan to keep things cool during long sessions.

This is the studio hallway which leads from the control room. There are 3 doors on the left that lead to 3 live rooms. The rooms have thick glass windows so that the musicians can see each other at all times while they are recording.  Having line-of-sight contact between musicians makes is possible for them to cue each other, play and end together, and this keeps the sessions flowing more smoothly, song after song.


ShedStudio has a fully operational 56 channel DDA console (new).  It is about 8 feet long.  The desk comes with fader and mute automation.  Other vital equipment includes :

ALESIS HD 24, 24 bit Harddick recorder

-APPLEMAC G4 Dual 1.25 computer with DIGITAL PERFORMER /MOTU 2408

-ALESIS studio speakers (large)

-YAMAHA NS-10 speakers

-NEUMANN TLM49 vocal mic

-selection of CAD mics

-RHODE NTK valve mic

-RHODE NT1 vocal and instrument mic

-AKG C-1000 instrument mic

-Various mics for drums (Shure SM-58s and 57s etc...)

-FOSTEX and TASCAM DAT machines

-PHILIPS CD recorder


-LEXICON reverb

-EMU sampler

-ALESIS D4 drum module

-KORG SP-100 piano

-2---TL AUDIO mic pre amp /compressor

-FOCUSRITE mic pre


As you can see the studio has a high ceiling and daylight, it gives a nice feeling of space and helps with those stress headaches.