Recording Studio, Athlone, Co. Westmeath, Ireland

Studio History

The ShedStudio first opened in 1992 and has since been extended, continually upgraded and completely refurbished. It now has a spacious control room, a new 56 channel DDA console, and 3 live rooms with glass windows for line-of-sight contact between recording musicians.

The Studio

The control room is 14' X 16' with a large console and a wide variety of state-of the-art outboard equipment, comfortable seating and climate control all year round.  Check out the Pictures page for Equipment details. The studio caters for all types of music and artists -- from solo performers to full bands.

One room is fully soundproofed for live drums or any loud instruments that need total separation.

Also check out the Artists page to see who has completed recording projects at ShedStudio .

The Owner and Studio Engineer

Des Sheerin, who owns the studio, is also the studio engineer and has produced most of the projects for over a decade.  Des welcomes outside producers if the need arises.

Des is also an in-demand session bass player, and has recorded in studios around the country for artists like Foster and Allen, Derek Warfield (Wolftones), and Donál Lunny.   He has also recorded for country artists such as Jimmy Buckley, Mick Flavin, Johnny Loughry, John Hogan, Louise Morrissey, Big Tom, and many more.  Des comes from a well-known musical family in the midlands of Ireland.  Most of his family still play music.